Dungeones Mayhem Card Game


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The new table card game card, with various types of cards and various ways of playing, is very popular, and everyone is welcome to buy it!

Basce Style:

Single size: 11*8*3cm

Single weight: 300g

Expansion Style:

Single size: 9*6*3cm

Single weight: 110g

The new heroes in town are ready to throw down! Minsc the ranger and his hamster sidekick,Boo,join the shapeshifting druid Jaheira in this expansion for the Dungeon Mayhem card gaem!
Two 28-card decks ·2 hitpointtokens
·2hitpointtrackers ·2 reference cards ·6 damagetokens
Includes expansion rules,Complele game rules not inehided


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